Prof. Dr G D Mogli

Prof. Dr G D Mogli

My personal message besides Health Ministries of central and all states of India, healthcare organizations  and to our young Health Information Management (HIM) professionals including  students is that this profession is well-known in all the technologically advanced nations and the Developing countries are gradually gaining its significance in acquiring, analyzing, and maintaining health information. The HIM is a combination of business, science and information technology that has to meet medical, legal and ethical standards and generate proficient reports by analyzing database by ensuring integrity, security and confidentiality of patient data. Provide data for swift, safe, improved quality and cost contained care.

The HIM professional role is to leave  the safe zone of traditional method of working, accepting challenging  role for efficient management of HIM department by coordinating with entire hospital functions by involving besides HIM functions, studies on case-mix, cost analysis and quality care. Monitor economical measures on financial expenditure as most of global organizations are plagued by increased healthcare cost. Hence, focus should be on care, cost and quality assurance. The HIM profession with digital information is competent to diagnose and address spiraling cost by modification of HIM education with the adage (Change or Perish) as in the near future, the normal duties of HIM will gradually diminish as the huge MRDs with thousands of records and hundreds of employees will be reduced due to electronic health records and eHospital management systems. The HIM education needs to bring corporate or competitive syllabus to produce innovative HIM professionals for 21st century in order to manage hospitals effectively and efficiently and to meet the Government of India’s dream project of single integrated patient medical record from birth to death.

The HIM Association of India which was originally established in the year 1972 and got affiliated with the International Federation of Health Information Management (IFHIMA) in the year 1976, which  was most active member and participated as a member of publications committee, chairman of Developing Countries till 1984. Nevertheless, the HIMA India was re-established in the year 2014 with the support of young, and energetic professionals who have done well in the short span of time, conducted 4 workshops, and conducted first national conference in Hyderabad in the year 2015 where besides India five overseas nations participated and presented papers. The second is being held in Mumbai in December 2016 and moving forward with drive and enthusiasm.  The HIM is a powerful profession which has brilliant role to play in healthcare organization and should be considered as honor and privilege to work in this field as it has hidden pleasure and influence to achieve the objectives of professional goals by following methods:

  1. HIM Association main objective is to standardize and rationalize the medical records maintained manually or electronically  and HIM educational activities throughout the country
  2. HIM Association endeavor to improve professional input in their performance and their status
  3. Each HIM professional should individually strive hard to buildup personally by equipping with enhanced knowledge, required skills and develop positive attitude and ready to take challenges.
  4. All the HIM professionals should become members of HIMA India to be a strong body quantitatively and qualitatively that means more professional members and talented professional specialists.
  5. HIM Association with good strength enable to contribute effectively the government plans of “Digital India and to achieve single integrated patient record (1 patient + 1 record and  1 number) and centralized database  with single data server to hold all the information of a patient getting any part of the nation/world.  The government plan of making mandatory of maintaining privacy of patient information and punishable if any data is divulged to unauthorized; HIM being custodian of records and savior of information need to be extra cautious in correctly collecting and releasing of information.
  6. Bring HIM professionals on single platform to explore creativity, innovation and change for progress
  7. Use intelligent past failures to build innovative skills and focus to achieve objectives to drive personal change by which HIM will gain due to new faces with new ideas.

HIM to gain recognition in the government and other healthcare organizations need to take challenging duties. As you may be aware the employees of Petroleum and IT software are paid huge salaries with esteem. HIM to be influential, accept leadership tasks;  there are many departments in the hospital, e.g., HR which spends more than 60 to70% of total expenditure, medical, equipment, and surgical instruments  stores, linen, nutrition, are potential to appraise regularly with the cooperation of respective departments with the digital information system to control expenses of the hospital.

Health Information Management is fast growing profession, but there is a scarcity of supply to meet high demand. These professionals are employed  in hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, physician practices, insurance companies, software companies, coding & reimbursement offices, consulting & law firms, research institutes government and private agencies. It is expected the role of HIM would further extended as: Case Mix Analyst, Clinical Data Specialist, Patient Information Coordinator, Data Quality Manager, Document and Repository Manager, Health Information Privacy Officer and Coding & Reimbursement Specialist. Hence, HIM professional should be dynamic, judicious, Impartial, Firm, Flexible, Hardworking, Dedicated and ready to sacrifice and well equipped with required professional education.

In view of government endeavor to standardize and implement electronic health records in all the healthcare institutions to accomplish unified integrated electronic health record system for patients with information from birth to death, entail hundreds of HIM professionals to carry out the proposed system in the healthcare institutions. This requires establishment of adequate number of standardized and rationalized HIM program educational institutions in the country. The government with the partnership of private educational institutions and with HIM Association of India has to contemplate opening new HIM institutions in the country to meet the required demand. It would be prudent to monitor consistently the set educational standards are maintained and potential graduates would be competent to perform their role efficiently in order to achieve government ambitious integrated healthcare plan.

The hospitals all over the globe are swiftly moving from paper to paperless. The transformation to Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an advocated and accepted philosophy and practical issue which can provide swift, safe, high qualitative care with reasonable cost to the patient care. The Health Information  Manager (HIM) as a professional has a vital role in the transformation of manual records into hybrid and involve actively in each stage of development for effective implementation of electronic health record. The EHR help in integration with knowledge base to create decision support mechanisms, alerts, reminders, and other aids to clinical decision-making.  The EHR benefits are health information and data, result management, order management, decision support, electronic-communication & connectivity, patient-support- administrative processes, reporting, alignment of templates and significant of templates   in one screen.


As a manager of health records, you have to understand the hospital comprehensively, prepare the needs and fulfill the obligations by managing the department effectively and efficiently.  In order to be effective manager, you have to acquire, needed qualifications, skills, and positive attitude/behavior as part of leadership skills that will help in your managerial role.  The second most important role, as a good leader,   is to ensure that patient for which the hospital exist get the best integrated care as one entity not dividing his body into parts and treated by different specialties. Had no patient, then the entire health   field including the ministry of health, the minister, doctors, nurses, and other paramedical staff, would not have any role at all. “Patient is our nucleus around him all our efforts and our services revolve”.  Hence, all the health team should keep this point in every one’s mind and dedicate their best. In this regard, despite, existence of various departments, there is a huge gap that could be narrowed only by the health record manger as his department is closely linked with patient and his kith and kin from beginning to end of patient journey.  Revolve around patient as a good leader and ensure that all his or her healthcare issues are resolved   swiftly and judiciously by integrating with the concerned.  Remember, “Your destiny as good leader is in the hands of patients”.


Visiting Professor, Medical Informatics, MGIM Sciences, Sevagram, Maharashtra, India
Ex. Associate Professor HIM Program, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
Dean of Health Information Management (HIM) program, MOH, Oman
Head of HIM Diploma Program, Kuwait Inst.Of  Health Sciences, Kuwait
Head of BMRSc  Degree Program, JIPMER, University of Madras
WHO Consultant, Sr. eHealth Management, HEARTCOM (USA)
CEO & MD Dr Mogli Healthcare Management Constancy,
Sr. Medical Record Consultant / Adviser to the Ministries of Health, India,
Afghanistan, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.   Phone: +91 9949750983