Membership Category

  • Any person having diploma or Degree in Medical, Para Medical, Medical Record Sciences, Health information Management
  • Any person who is having minimum 2years of work experience in medical record department
  • Above 21 years of Age
  • The membership of HIMA shall be divided into six (6) classes:
    1. Active: Any person having diploma or degree in Medical Record Science/Health information management recognized by University or organization/ association undergone Medical Record Technician course approved by Government of India or equivalent. Is eligible for Active Membership.
    2. Affiliate: Any person working in the field of Medical Records/ Health information in any Hospital, Dispensaries, Software Development, Insurance for period not less than 3 years is eligible for the Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members are eligible to become active members, after being continuous affiliate members for a period not less than 5 years. ,,,,,,
    3. Associate: Any individual interested in the purposes of HIMA of AP/TS who does not meet the qualification for active / affiliate membership is eligible for associate membership.
    4. Student: Any student formally enrolled to study medical records / health information / medical documentation or any other similar program which is compatible with HIMA is eligible for student membership.
    5. Honorary: Any person who made a significant contribution to health information management science or rendered distinguished service in Medical Records / Health Information Management / Medical documentation profession or its related fields may be awarded honorary membership in HIMA by a special committee formed by the Executive Committee of HIMA.
    6. Corporate: Any corporation interested in the purposes of HIMA is eligible for corporate membership. The corporation shall designate one representative who shall have rights and privileges of membership.

Membership Fees

Rs. 1,000/-Rs. 1,000/-Rs. 1,000/-Rs. 500/-Rs. 5,000/-Exempted

Every Member shall pay an annual subscription as stipulated below- and this will be subject to revision by Managing Committee.

Rs. 300/-Rs. 300/-Rs. 300/-Rs. 100/-Rs. 1000/-