Governance of HIMA

We the several persons whose names and signatures are subscribed are desirous of forming an Association in pursuance of the Memorandum of Association under the Societies Registration act, 1860.

Rules and regulations of Society (Bylaws)

1. Name of the Society: Health Information Management Association

2. Location of the Society: P.S Nagar, Vijaynagar Colony, Hyderabad

3. Objectives

  • To elevate the standard of clinical records in the Hospital, dispensaries or other distinctly medical institution
  • To serve as a means of inter communication among Medical Record Officers and to conduct seminars and conferences for the benefit of the medical institutions
  • To standardize medical record system throughout India
  • To assist the Government and the Health agencies to improve the administration in medical education, research and patient care
  • To promote the general welfare of staff employed in medical record keeping
  • To diffuse useful knowledge among medical record personnel through mass media, such as advertisements, documentary films, television etc..
  • To affiliate ant state run medical record / health information/ medical documentation association and guide/ monitor their proceedings

4. Membership

  • Any person having diploma or Degree in Medical, Para Medical, Medical Record Sciences, Health information Management
  • Any person who is having minimum 2 years of work experience in medical record department
  • Above 21 years of Age
  • The membership of HIMA shall be divided into six (6) classes:
  • Active: Any person having Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Medical Record Science or Health Information Management recognized by University or organization / association undergone Medical Record Technician course approved by Government of India or equivalent. Is eligible for Active Membership.
  • Affiliate: Any person working in the field of Medical Records/ Health information in any Hospital, Dispensaries, Software Development, Insurance for period not less than 3 years is eligible for the Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members are eligible to become active members, after being continuous affiliate members for a period not less than 5 years.
  • Associate: Any individual interested in the purposes of HIMA of AP/TS who does not meet the qualification for active / affiliate membership is eligible for associate membership.
  • Student: Any student formally enrolled to study medical records / health information / medical documentation or any other similar program which is compatible with HIMA is eligible for student membership.
  • Honorary: Any person who made a significant contribution to health information management science or rendered distinguished service in Medical Records / Health Information Management / Medical documentation profession or its related fields may be awarded honorary membership in HIMA by a special committee formed by the Executive Committee of HIMA.
  • Corporate: Any corporate body interested in the purposes of HIMA is eligible for corporate membership. The corporate body shall designate one representative who shall have rights and privileges of membership.

5. Members Data
The society shall maintain a Register / data of members with their names and address; changes in the membership will be updated time to time. Once in a year a list of office bearers and members of the Governing Body shall be filed with the Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad as required under the rules of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana

6. Rights and Privileges
Registered members will receive all the printed literature / journal etc. brought out by the society
Registered members will have the right to attend all General body meetings and cast their votes as well as lodge their grievances, if any.

7. Governing Body (Executive Committee)

  • Functions – To pass the budget for the ensuing year and approve the expenditure statement of previous year
  • To approve the reports of the activities of the society
  • To elect the executive committee etc.
  • To appoint Auditor

The governing body (executive committee) of the society will consist of

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Joint Secretary
  • Executive Committee Members

The Executive committee shall consist of Twelve (12) members and out of them, the following office bearers shall be elected by the EC viz., President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer and the remaining persons all will be nominated members of the Executive Committee.
The members of the Executive Committee (Governing Body) shall be duty bound to attest the signatures of all the members of newly elected Executive Committee and to see that the said signatures of the outgoing Governing Body tally with the annual list as filed with the Register of Societies before 15 days of the succeeding month in which elections were held.


  1. PRESIDENT:- He presides over all the meeting of the both General Body and Executive Committee, he cast his vote in case of tie . He can supervise all the branches of the society.
  2. Vice PRESIDENT:- He shall assist the president in discharging his duties and in the absence of the President he shall perform the duty of the President as entrusted by him
  3. GENERAL SECRETARY: – He is the Executive Office of the society and custodian to all records relating to the society and correspondent on behalf of the society. He has to take on records of all minutes of the society to be conveyed both the bodies of the society with the permission of the President. He guides the treasurer in preparing the budget and expenditure statement of the society.
  4. JOINT SECRETARY: – He has to do the work entrusted by the executive committee. He has to assist the Secretary in discharging his duties, in the absence of the Secretary; he can perform the duties of the secretary.
  5. TREASURER: – He is responsible for all-financial transactions and funds of the society. He has to maintain accounts properly along with the vouchers; he has to prepare the accounts of the society jointly with the Secretary or President.
  6. OFFICE BEARERS: – they are the responsible persons to attend to such activities of the Society which the Executive Committee entrust to them.

10. Periodicity of Governing Body
The governing body shall meet at least once in a quarter. Whenever they think fit, they can call an Extra-ordinary general meeting.

11. QUORUM– Half of the total members for General Body Meeting and ¼ for Executive Committee Meeting present in person shall form a quorum for the transaction of business, but any meeting has to be adjourned for want of quorum, then at the adjourned meeting the members present whatever their number shall form a quorum and shall have power to decide upon all matters which could have been disposed of at the meeting from which the adjournment took place. At the meeting of the Executive committee, voting shall be by members personally present.

12. Chairman of the governing Body Meeting
If in any Governing body meeting, the President is absent, the Vice –President will act as Chairman. In the absence of Vice President, the members of the Committee personally present at the meeting shall elect one of them as Chairman of the meeting.

13. Voting at Governing / Executive committee meeting
Every member of the Governing body personally present at the meetings shall have one vote and in the event of any quality of votes, the Chairman of the meetings shall have a second or a casting vote, but in the exercise of his casing vote, the Chairman shall ordinarily vote for the status quo.
At any General Body meeting a resolution, put to the vote of the meeting, shall be decided on a show of hands.

14. Annual General Body Meeting
An annual general body meeting will be held once in every calendar year as concluding session of the scientific meet/ Conference. An annual report of the activities of the Society will be presented by the General Secretary at the General Body meeting. The Treasurer shall present the accounts at the General Body meeting

15. Notice for General Body meeting
Notice of the general body meeting and of the agenda to be transacted thereat shall be given 14 days (2weeks) in advance by means of circular to all registered members of the Society.

16. Minutes of the Meeting
The society shall maintain correct and true records of the proceedings of the General meetings as well as the meetings of Governing Body (executive committee) as required under the Act.

17. Source of Income
Registration fees during the conference organized by the Society.
Registration fees during the conference organized by the Society.
Raising donations, advertisements released in Journals/Proceedings/other publications brought out by the Society.

18. Financial Year

  • Financial year shall end at the time of Annual meeting/ (March 31st) , when an audited account of the Income and Expenditure statement will be presented by the Treasurer.
  • The books of account of the Society shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Society or at such other place as the Governing Body may think fit.
  • The Governing Body shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and what time and place, and under what conditions and regulations the accounts and books of the Society or any of them shall be open to the inspection of the members, and no members shall have any right of inspecting any accounts or books or documents of the Society.

19. Bank Account
All the accounts in the name of “Health Information Management Association” will be operated by the General Secretary and Treasurer of Society.

20. Audit
The accounts of the Association shall be audited by an Auditor appointed by the managing committee every year.

21. Funds: – The funds shall be spent only for the attachment of the objects of the society and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of the members through any means.

22. Amendments: – No amendment or alteration shall be made in the purpose of the association unless it is voted by 2/3 of its members present at a special meeting conveyed for the purpose and confirmed by 2/3 of the members present at a second special meeting.

23. WINDING UP: – in case the society has to be wound up the property and funds of the society that remain after discharging the liabilities, if any, shall be transferred or paid to some other institutions with similar aims and objects.


This policy is laid down by HIM Association rules on reimbursement of expenses incurred on official travel in India and abroad for the purpose of the following:

  • HIMA India membership promotional activities
  • Conducting workshops or extraordinary special meetings
  • Conducting National / International Conferences
  • Any other Education / Business activities that promotes HIMA India


Primarily all the expenditure of travelling members, including TA, DA and accommodation, is the responsibility of the host organization/Invitee.

In exceptional circumstances, when the host organization is not in a capacity to bear the expenditure due to financial issues, then, in the interest of HIMA promotional activities, the following policy is to be adopted.

The Executive Committee’s approval is mandatory, prior to undertaking travel by members for HIMA activities.

  1. Members: This policy is only applicable to the HIMA India Executive committee members.
  2. No. of person: Members travelling are restricted to maximum of 5. If any other than Executive members would like to participate he/she has to bear their own expenses. In order to restrict expenses, it is advisable to minimize official number of members from 2 or 3 for travelling till financial status of HIMA is improved.
  3. Mode of travel: Train journey Maximum 3rd AC fare or actual (if travelled in lower class) to be reimbursed by the association. However if members wanted to travel by Air / higher class in train, the difference amount incurred will be borne by the member/s. If travelling by bus, where there is rail transport convenience , train charges will be paid on par with Sleeper class fare.
  4. Food & Accommodation: For metro cities Rs. 2,500/- per day per member and non-metro cities Rs. 1,500/- per day per member will be permitted maximum, on submission of proper receipt.
  5. Transport: Auto / Mini cab charges will be provided on submission of proper receipt.
  6. Expenses incurred on personal telephone calls / use of health club and sports facilities / liquor will have to be borne by the members.

Procedure for claiming reimbursement of travel expenditure:

  • The member/s should submit Travel Expenditure Statement along with the complete details of expenditure incurred with valid receipts within 10 days of return from the tour to The General Secretary for approval of payment. After approval, the same will be forwarded to the Cashier/Treasurer for reimbursement on verification of bills with the support of valid receipts in accordance with the HIMA Payment approval policies and procedures.The Annual accounts will be subject to statutory audit as per Rules.

    General Secretary