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Prof. Dr G D Mogli

My personal message besides Health Ministries of central and all states of India, healthcare organizations  and to our young Health Information Management (HIM) professionals including  students is that this profession is well-known in all the technologically advanced nations and the Developing countries are gradually gaining its significance in acquiring, analyzing, and maintaining health information. The HIM is a combination of business, science and information technology that has to meet medical, legal and ethical standards and generate proficient reports by analyzing database by ensuring integrity, security and confidentiality of patient data. Provide data for swift, safe, improved quality and cost contained care.

The HIM professional role is to leave  the safe zone of traditional method of working, accepting challenging  role for efficient management of HIM department by coordinating with entire hospital functions by involving besides HIM functions, studies on case-mix, cost analysis and quality care. Monitor economical measures on financial expenditure as most of global organizations are plagued by increased healthcare cost. Hence, focus should be on care, cost and quality assurance. The HIM profession with digital information is competent to diagnose and address spiraling cost by modification of HIM education with the adage (Change or Perish) as in the near future, the normal duties of HIM will gradually diminish as the huge MRDs with thousands of records and hundreds of employees will be reduced due to electronic health records and eHospital management systems. The HIM education needs to bring corporate or competitive syllabus to produce innovative HIM professionals for 21st century in order to manage hospitals effectively and efficiently and to meet the Government of India’s dream project of single integrated patient medical record from birth to death. Read More...


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